Website design

390 €

Everything included.
No additional costs.

Minimal investment - maximal profit

What do you get when you order a website?

Standard commercial or blog website with all the necessary elements, contact form, links, etc.

You can choose domains such as: .com, .eu, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .name, etc.

The website can be made to publish images and texts independently whenever you want. The principle of publishing is simple and we provide you with training for the above.

Our websites are completely protected by the SSL protocol.

Standard Onsite search engine optimization, tagging text, creating meta descriptions, preparing website for Google and other search engines. 

The website speeds up loading time to keep performance within the prescribed performance and to make SEO better.

All pages are idexrd and site map is added to the Google Search Console.

We can generate you 100* email accounts.

The website is connected to social networks.

It is a legal obligation for clients to know which data is collected during contact and how the data will be used. We have a privacy policy on the site that explains all of the above.

The contact form is made according to EU rules on personal data protection.

We use shared hosting with powerful memory and performance. 18 GB of space, 2 MB I / O, 8 TB Bandwidth, etc. Hosting is in the package 50 € / year.

Constant website updates with security tools to prevent page crashes, backups, etc. Maintenance is 120 € / year

If there is any problem with the site, you can contact us at any time and we will solve the problem urgently.

We are from Croatia. If you need a website to increase your business, or you need a website for some other reason, we will help you accomplish this. Let us know what you want. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Today, webdesign is done with modern technology and this allows us to work on the site quickly and most importantly conveniently. So when customers are satisfied and, we are satisfied as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

A standard website means a classic page with text, images, news (blog), etc. A standard website does not include a web shop website, a multilingual website or website that need to be additionally coded to meet certain functionality.

When you order a website, you get the website and everything listed above. You do not pay any additional hidden costs. Very simple, turnkey.

No. Choosing a design give us guidelines on what colours and design to follow. It can also be combined with multiple designs of how a website will look. So, the client sends us text, pictures, wishes regarding the design (or let us do as we know best) and when the website is made. When everything is agreed, the page is fine-tuned for review on different devices.

Only in this way can we guarantee that the website will work properly. Hacker attacks on the websites happen to often to leave website without protection. If problem happens, the customer doesn’t pay extra to solve the problem which is for many website builders a big share of the extra earnings. We want the customer who orders the website to be carefree and we don’t want to make money on hidden costs. We also aim to ensure that each of our websites we create is visited as much as possible, so we often suggests in design which we do not charge extra.

More than a million cyber attacks on websites occur daily in the world. You will find hundreds of website creators who offer webdesign, but if you take a closer look you will see that it is very rare for them to offer protection and upgrades to various programs used in the webdesign.

Namely, in order for the swebsite to be secure, once a month it is necessary to upgrade security programs as well as various additional programs used for the functionality of the site. As a rule, almost every website is attacked on a daily basis with 10 or more login attempts to damage the website.

These attempts are most often from countries such as China, Vietnam, the US and even Germany or England. These attacks have nothing to do with humans but are automated robotic softwares. That is why we do back-up in maintenance if there is any problem.

The servers we use are some of the best, most secure and fastest on the market. We don’t want to work on anything worse than that. Why to create additional problems for ourselves.

When you order a website, you can choose the design that we adapt to each type of website. When the website starts working, the web design is done in the periods where we are in contact with you and we periodically show you what stage we are in with the webd design.

You can suggest changes to us at any time. Even when the website is done, some changes can be made in terms of colours, design, etc. So far no one has been dissatisfied. 

Satisfied customers

Goran Bilobrk
Goran Bilobrk
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"Ever since we ordered the website, the club has been reborn. I can say that I was lucky we found this website because everything was done without a single complaint. We've been working together for three years."
Ksenija Čurlić
Ksenija Čurlić
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"Since I have recently open a company I haven't had the opportunity to pay for website design, this way of webdesign a website without a big investment has helped me make people hear about me. I'm very happy with the look of the site."
Dubravko Francišković
Dubravko Francišković
Read More
"Great idea to help beginners who are just starting a business and don't have a lot of money. Our site was created in a few days. And the design is exactly what I wanted. Great job."



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